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Data deleted by using "Delete" key or disk formation can be recovered with recovery tools, while File Eraser/Shredder consists of software for permanently deleting confidential files, folders and even the entire hard disk data.

Some File Eraser/Shredder Software can also delete data on portable storage devices. Data deleted by using File Eraser/Shredder Software are unrecoverable. This will not only help you release the hard disk space, but also effectively protect the security of your private data.

The difference between File Eraser/Shredder and Privacy Cleaner is: File Eraser/Shredder Software deletes selected files thoroughly and permanently, while Privacy Cleaner Software is specialized for deleting all kinds of private data, including browser history, traces of offline activities etc. So if you need a professional tool to erase your private data, please browse our

Any Freeware?
We have listed the best 3 File Eraser/Shredder Freeware for you. If you want to try more freeware, you can refer to this article: 36 Free File Shredder Software Programs.
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